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Ezra air purifier

An efficient air purifier and stylish accessory for your interior.
We combined physical assembly, composite stone, and high-tech motors.
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Clean air

Built-in HEPA filter eliminates up to 99.97% of particles from 0.3 μm in size, removing not only the finest particles from the air dust, but also viruses, bacteria, and fungal spores.

Natural materials

A bedside table or an elegant flower stand. It is made of a composite stone, durable, and pleasant to the touch.

Silent, efficient and economical

Silent operation.

Loved by champions

Thank you for the beautiful air purifier! It's super!

Ladislav Kříž

Multiple European and World Champion in Karate, herbalist
Beautiful design, suitable for any interior.

Kamil Młodziński

Professional Boxing Champion of Poland

Touch-activated LED light

Full compatibility

Easy maintenance


Various use of EZRA

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Simple ventilation solutions. 
Comfort without compromise.
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