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A wall convector specifically designed to enhance your
interior and ensure a pleasant climate throughout the year.
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Reduced heating costs

The specifically designed fan can extract maximum heating power from the heat exchanger at minimum speed and barely audible operation.
By reducing the temperature of the heating water, you save significantly, up to 15% with a condensing boiler or even more with a heat pump.

Pure design

The design of NOEMI is unsurpassed, both in composite stone and wooden variants.

A perfectly flat front panel, seamless joints, minimalist shapes, and perfect
color ensures Noemi will become an elegant addition to your home.

Pleasant climate throughout the year

Intelligent NOEMI control recognizes whether you want to heat or cool and automatically switches the mode.
The unbeatable advantage of NOEMI is the quietest and most economical fan specially developed for air conditioning.



Simple ventilation solutions. 
Comfort without compromise.
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