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Eitan ventilator for radiator

Ventilators Eitan are suitable for all sources of radiant heat.

Increase in heating capacity: 50 – 100 % for plate and cast iron radiators and 200 – 500 % for convectors.

Power consumption: 2 – 10 W
Depth: 6.5cm
Width: 6.5cm
Color: white

All ventilators include legs (height of 1.5 cm) and filtr.

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EITAN is a tangential radiator ventilator specially developed for convectors. The heart of EITAN is the patented Elsymco motor, one of the quietest in the world. It is a 3-phase synchronous disc motor with intelligent digital control and a D40mm tangential propeller in lengths of 400-1200mm.

EITAN has its own power supply (12V adapter), thermoregulation and speed regulation.

In automatic mode, the electronics of the device checks the temperature of the radiator and switches on the fans only when the radiator is warmer than approx. 30 °C or the ventilator speed can be regulated manually.

All ventilators have 1.5 cm high feet to eliminate vibrations.


When heating with ordinary radiators, the heat only stays near them and rises to the ceiling (where the air density is lower), and stays there. The difference in air temperatures between the floor and the ceiling can be up to 8°C.

EITAN radiator ventilator initiates forced convection. It blows air through the heating element, thereby increases the heat exchange between the heating element and the air.

The larger heating surface, the higher efficiency. There is 50-150% increase in heating power (in the case of heating water with a constant temperature).

Additional convection activates air circulation, which ensures equal temperature throughout the room.


EITAN radiator ventilator allows:
1) Optimal heat distribution
2) Decrease of the water temperature in the heating elements.
3) Better heat distribution that can save approx. 10% of heating costs.

EITAN ventilator:
- increases the floor temperature (eliminates the feeling of cold feet without the need to increase the room temperature)
- reduces the temperature behind the heating element (heating of the external wall)
- reduces the temperature at the ceiling (i.e. roof heating)
- increases the dynamic effect of the heating element (faster increase of the room temperature)

According to the EN442 standard, the heating elements` power is rated for a water temperature of 75/65 ℃ and an indoor air temperature of 20 ℃. By switching to 55/35/20 ℃, you save 10-15% of heating costs in case of a condensing boiler, and up to 50% in case of a heat pump.

EITAN also shortens the time to heat the room. And you save up to 20% of energy costs.

Technical parameters

Ventilator for heating elements
Ventilator length Propeller length
55 cm 40 cm
75 cm 60 cm
95 cm 80 cm
122 cm 100 cm
142 cm 120 cm
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  1. Very good product for Upcoming season!!! Mainly in these unsecure times

  2. I greatly appreciated the laundry drying function

  3. Great device, the feeling of thermal comfort in the house has increased significantly. I would appreciate it if it didn't stand on the floor (the floor is easier to clean)

  4. Very effective fan, I used it in a room where we had a long battle with a damp wall, since then no problem

  5. Love this Activator for radiator! I use it in my flat; which is in old building - where you can feel the cold coming from the floor during the whole winter. It turns the cold air into warm and helps to save some costs. One of the accessories needed for upcoming winter!


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55 cm, 75 cm, 95 cm, 122 cm, 142 cm

Fan power

2 – 11 W








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