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Fans for Trench Heaters – Renovation Kit

The renovation kit is designed to replace damaged or noisy fans in trench heaters (convectors).
ELSYMCO fans can be mounted in almost all types of floor convectors. They are extremely quiet, quickly and uniformly distribute heat. Our service will quickly and easily replace the existing fan in your convector with a fan from ELSYMCO.

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The renovation kit always includes one or two (this is due to the length of the exchanger) Elsymco fans, which are armed with their own speed controller. The kit also includes a FanCoilBOX control module that can be powered by a safe AC voltage of the range 4Vac to 16Vac or a safe DC voltage in the range of 4Vdc to 24Vdc. By changing the supply voltage, the speed of the Elsymco fans can be controlled.

The speed of Elsymco fans can also be controlled by an external control signal Ucntrl 0Vdc to 10Vdc. In this case, it is recommended to use a fixed supply voltage of either AC 12Vac or DC, at different voltage levels, at least 12Vdc to 24Vdc. The magnitude of the supply voltage affects the maximum achievable speed.

In some cases, it is necessary to add a separating transformer with a recommended output voltage of 12Vac.

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