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Noemi heating element

Heating element for low-temperature systems and heat pumps. Design wall connector for efficient heating.

Ideal for low-temperature heating system with heat pump or condensing gas boiler.

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From the Czech manufacturer of the quietest and most economical

By reducing the temperature of the heating water, you save
significantly, up to 15% with a condensing boiler or even more with
a heat pump.

A specially developed fan can extract maximum power from the
heat exchange at minimum speed and barely audible operation.

• Fan power consumption is less than 2W
• Efficient heating even at water temperatures of 35 ° C
• Allows dry non-condensing cooling


The design of NOEMI is unsurpassed, both in the stone monolith variant and in the wooden variant.
Perfectly flat front panel, seamless joints, minimalist shapes and perfect color predestine NOEMI to become an elegant
jewel of your home.
Long service life – the components used and the premium housing material guarantee reliability and high duration.
NOEMI is not only beautiful, it is also very practical. One of its endless advantages is easy maintenance ( easy removal of
the cover and cleaning of the device ).
It is possible to replace the cover with another decor.

If you connect NOEMI to a heat pump, it will cool the air in the interior in the summer.
On summer days, NOEMI will provide you with a pleasant climate.
Intelligent NOEMI control recognizes whether you want to heat or cool and automatically switches the mode.
The unbeatable advantage of NOEMI is the quietest and most economical fan specially developed for air


NOEMI has its own power supply ( 24V adapter ), thermo regulation and speed control. In automatic mode,
the electronics adjust the operation of the device so that the room temperature corresponds to the preset temperature,
or the fan speed can be regulated using the remote control.
Three operation modes ( Fan Speeds ): MIN / MED / MAX
Noise level: 20/30/36 dBA
Power consumption: 2/5/10 W
Adapter 230 / 24V, 1A
Depth and height of heating element: 12 x 30 cm
Radiator length: 76 cm, 100 cm, 112 cm, 130 cm, 148 cm
Color variants: white / oak grill, anthracite / oak grill, black / oak lamellas, pastel colors

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Stone with oak grill, Wood with oak lamellas


76, 100, 112, 130, 148


Simple ventilation solutions. 
Comfort without compromise.
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