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Samson ventilation unit

Compact and comfortable ventilation device with heat recovery designed to ventilate residential and public premises.
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Samson ventilation unit

Even air distribution

Thanks to its unique design, Samson is the only ventilation unit that ensures the distribution of fresh air throughout the room. This is achieved by heating the fresh air to a temperature higher than the room temperature.

Pure design

Samson does not disturb the interior, on the contrary, complements it, since the main material used is wood or stone. The
surface of the unit can be adapted to the client's requirements.

The fans are the result of our own development and cooperation with top European manufacturers. We have managed to create the quietest and most
economical device in its category.
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Samson wood

Economical and quiet

During summer operation, it is able to reduce the temperature of fresh air by 5 °C (the principle of the heat pump).

The unit is designed to always work in the most economical silent mode, so as not to disturb at night, and to provide you with plenty of fresh air.


Simple ventilation solutions. 
Comfort without compromise.
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